In charming Gold Beach Oregon and Port Orford Oregon, on the sunny south Oregon coast, we offer the finest vacation rental homes, beach houses and cabins on the Oregon coast..   Unique, most pet friendly, all are wonderful!  Find the perfect place for your next adventure!  Our cabins, cottages, suites, villas, and beach houses will keep you smiling.  Our wide sand beaches will keep you busy for days, as you look for the treasures left behind by the sea and swept from the famous Rogue River, here on the wild Oregon coast.  Beach rentals and vacation homes.

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SEE OUR BLOG  for new informative articles on Whale watching and Pelican watching.   In May see the whales close to shore!

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Is it  legend?  I don't know.  But I have heard that on a clear day you can see the whales smile as they pass by the shores of this sunny window on the coast.  Further south and further north they will run into fog and rain and rough weather and seas.  Yet here, in this little stretch of the southern Oregon coast, they seem to dance in the sunlight that almost always fills the waves this time of  year.  Is it  wishful  thinking that they pause and smile as they pass by the Whale Cove Beach?  Maybe.  Yet I have seen them slow to a stop as they pass this way.  I have seen as they circle and seem somehow to dance as the sunlight glistens off the shiny wet leather of their huge body.  And once, when the day was particularly delightful, I think I did see that smile, just as the largest of whales turned his impressive gaze toward me, there as I sat on that beach  dreaming of sailing on the cool waves out past the horizon....

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Reservations are by invitation only.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we feel is not appropriate for our property or who fails to follow our Policy.   We reserve the right to change pricing, amenities, and policy at any time without notice.  While we have tried to provide an accurate and complete description of each property, we cannot guarantee that it is completely accurate as we are relying on information from the owner of the property and realize that things may change in these private homes.  We apologize in advance for any inaccuracies.  Sorry we cannot give refunds as each property is individually owned and each owner has but one property to rent.   Please do not make a reservation until you are certain of your plans.  Please note that this is not a hotel with identical rooms,  but instead these are private homes, and each owner has the right to add and subtract as they see fit.  In addition, a private home is by definition variable and unique.  Please use our website as a guide, but expect that each house will be furnished the way that the private owner wishes.  We cannot be responsible if an owner removes a house from rental, but we will try to find you a similar accommodation, or will refund all money at your choice.  Amenities have no dollar value and are offered free with the houses, if they become unavailable they cannot always be duplicated in time for your reservation.


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