WEATHER   on the Southern Oregon Coast

   Summer Weather!

May through October we generally experience pure sunshine all summer long!   Very little
fog or rain, some wind, mostly sunshine!

To Pack:
Layer!   Some days will be quite warm (80's with full sun, they feel warmer), other days will have a distinctly cool breeze, and even in the full sun the breeze off the ocean can chill.  Bring warm
climate clothing, hat, and sun glasses, and then bring a sweater and a sweatshirt too!
65 - 80 degrees during the day,   55 - 65 degrees at night


FALL Weather:
Mostly sunny and warm alternating to overcast,  with an occasional exciting storm to enjoy.

Fall is truly one of the best times to visit the southern Oregon Coast.  
No crowds, no traffic (not that we ever have much), great weather, lots of
availability, and great Shoulder Season Rates that save you money!

To Pack:
Bring a set of summer clothing, sunglasses,  a sweater for
evening.   Bring a coat for the overcast days, make yourself some tea
and read a good book on those rare rainy days!



                                            A little bit of everything!


In the winter months you will find warm sunny days sprinkled in with lots of cool and overcast rain days, a few cold days, and then of course those glorious winter storms from time to time!   During the storms,
watch huge waves, exciting surf, and amazing wind.  (and then snuggle up with a hot tea
in the evening).
   During the winter expect the weather to change day to day, but if you stay a week, don't be surprised to see perfect glorious warm sunny days, overcast days, rain days, cold days, and maybe even a storm while you are here!                                                                                                    

To Pack for winter:
Bring lots of warm clothing,  a raincoat and hat, and be sure to slip in an outfit for the warm sunny day
as well!  Layer!

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